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It’s nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. But it’s so important we honor and remember why we celebrate this day. Thanks to all the people who serve and keep our country safe. Faerie’s Ring release party was fun and I enjoyed talking with all who came to offer me support. Here is a teaser excerpt.

Taking a deep, pained breath, Rafe closed his eyes and attempted one last time to merge with her auric energy. All was dark. The hollowness in his body grew strong. He’d die without her. Her eyes were vacant. She’d retreated to the dense fog of her mind, leaving him alone. Alone, unable to communicate, he, the Keeper of Dreams was unable to salvage his own dream. Until now, he hadn’t any real dreams. Always the warrior and protector of the sidhe Queen, but now he wanted her, his mate.

He pulled the covers up to her chin and used a sleeping spell to help her rest. As he shut the bedroom door, Rafe struggled to reign in his anger.

Tom cradled Peter’s head in his lap and his gnarled fingers soothed the boy’s cheeks, while Mab and Tristan healed the broken bone.

Rafe wondered if Peter’s mental state would survive the torture and death of his father. Pushing past his limits, he found the strength and joined the others in the healing of Peter’s body. He gave Peter a dream, a dream of roving seas and animals. The animals he’d saved in the fire.

The boy’s eyes moved beneath his closed lids and a smile formed on his lips.

Dourine joined Rafe and together, they searched the light in his heart.

“The daemon failed in destroying his goodness, his pure heart,” Dourine said.

A cold shutter of wickedness seeped into Rafe’s thoughts and he looked to Dourine. “The daemon buried in the sweat lodge still lives. His words still have the power to manipulate one’s mind.”

Tom placed a talisman around Peter’s neck. “Archangel Metatron will protect the boy. He refuses to allow his brother to destroy one so pure.”

“If we survive, he’ll grow into a great leader of men,” Rafe said, grateful.

It was a strong omen that a leader of humans laid among them.

Tristan lifted the boy and opened the light pools and summoned the energy trod. “Jason will stay with him in Gaston, until the daemon is fed to the mouth of the burning fire, and the flame of the iris reignites.” He closed the pool of light, taking Peter to safety.

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