Sneak preview

Emerald’s Ring

A snippet of a work in progress

Harmonia Shae kept close to the wooded cliffs along the mountainside of Sandovia where she hoped to reach the portal without detection. She hid among the large white and red blossoms of the cliffrose flower and the sagebrush covering the desert terrain.

Her destination and means of escape was the elliptical portal into the human realm, which shimmered at the opening of the cave on the west side of the tallest oak tree. Another thousand feet and she’d be in Sedona.

An eerie sensation prickled the hairs on Harmonia’s neck. A nauseating stench filled her nostrils. Only one terrestrial in their realm carried the odor of rotten egg and damp dirt. Searching the clumps of trees, a troll emerged from the underground tunnel parallel to her right. His beady laser ray eyes followed her as she sprinted to a nearby Jupiter tree.

Along the cliffs ravine the troll’s heavy body stayed in lock step watching her like a predator stalking his prey. Taking a moment and a deep calming breath, she scanned his energy field. Taking hold of the Jupiter’s heavy limb, she pulled herself onto her feet and without fear made  eye contact. His hard gaze watched but made no aggressive movements.

Harmonia gave the area a once-over before her eyes returned to the Troll.  He pointed toward the mountains edge right as two djinn shifters from her stepmother’s harem left the caves’ entrance. With each ticking minute her chance of escape might be foiled.

Tilion warned her under no circumstance was she to teleport into the human realm, she must enter through the portal.

She needed to distract her opponents and spotted a patch of prickly cacti between the djinn guards. One of her gifts she’d inherited from her grandfather was the ability to channel water. With a deep breath, she cleared her mind concentrating on the molecules and cells within the plant forcing the water inside the cacti to push to the surface and explode. Hundreds of thorny spikes showered down upon the two djinn.

Harmonia wasted no time and crouched low to the ground.  A large roar echoed from the ravine and the troll sounded his war cry. The djinn took after him.

She sprinted the last fifty feet and ran through the cave opening not slowing down until she was through the oval portal and on the other side of the realm.

She emerged inside an old tool shed the only light the residue of her energy field. She’d made it. Her heart pounded like an endless roll of thunder on a stormy night. The troll, a fatal feeling of doom filled her soul.

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