Morgan’s Mountain


Could you imagine you’re out at work and you find your ex close to death? What do you do? Leave or do everything you can to save their life. In Morgan’s Mountain, a Montana Series Novella by Krista Ames is a sweet romance story.


Morgan, our main character heads to her families cabin for a needed vacation. She soon find’s herself out searching for a lone hiker lost in the mountains during a blizzard. The hiker nearly frozen and close to death she struggles to warm his cold limbs and get him back to her cabin. Once inside she removes his facemask and finds Luke—the one man she doesn’t want to see.


Luke and Morgan are two heart-warming characters you are engaged with and want to see them solve their problems. Trapped in the mountains they must deal with the environment but also the brewing miscommunication developing between them. I enjoyed Krista Ames characterization from the name of the horses to the two main characters. Their lively arguments endear them to the reader.


In this novella, I wanted more development of the story plotline, for example the best friend’s betrayal in their relationship needed more twist and turns to deepen the happily ever pay off. The character Margie and her role in the conflict lacked depth making the conflict less intense.


Overall, Morgan’s Mountain is an enjoyable read. We as the reader can easily identify with Morgan and relate to her dilemma. If you enjoy sweet romance in a mountain setting you’ll enjoy Morgan’s Mountain.







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