California Dreaming and my social media journey

This last weekend I attended California Dreaming supported by the OCCRWA, Lara, and the San Diego romance chapter. So impressed with the workshops and motivation to continue writing. During the weekend I’ve learned new techniques for understanding and using social media. Great thanks to Lisa Kessler and Vicky Dreiling.

In my journey of learning how and what to blog, I’m going to jump in feet first. (Cliche alert) a term Margie Lawson would coin and say not to use, “write fresh”. Visit any of these women on their website and be enriched with information.

In the blog, Writer’s in the Storm a great article on How you can help your favorite authors.

One thought on “California Dreaming and my social media journey”

  1. Thanks for the blog love, Jaylee.

    And congrats on attending the California Dreamin’ Conference. Laura, Jenny and I were there. Too bad we didn’t run into you.

    Good luck with your writing career!

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